Printing And Editing Packing Slips!

Printing And Editing Packing Slips!

Printing and editing packaging slips on your Shopify dashboard.
(Please note this is when using a Desktop)

When you are processing orders through Shopify a packaging slip is very useful. A packaging slip is a document that includes a list of items that the customer purchased which will be in the package. This slip will include, shipping and billing address as well as product information such as an SKU number, weight and any other information necessary. 

A packing slip can be very useful when packing items to ensure that all of the products the customer purchased are included in the package.

Step by step on how to print packaging slips: 

1. On your Shopify dashboard head over to 'Orders' 

2. Click the order that you want to print a packaging slip for. 

3. Click 'More options' and then 'Print packaging slips' 

4. Now it is time to print your packaging slip. 

We hope this blog helps :) Please stay tuned on our upcoming blogs and if you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

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