How To Fulfil A Order!

How To Fulfil A Order!

Fulfilling a Shopify order manually in 2022.
(Please note this is when using a Desktop)

Once a customer places an order on your online store, you need to prepare and deliver the items in it. This process is also known as order fulfilment. 

The fulfilment process usually includes the following:

1) picking and packaging products in an envelope or box

2) labelling the order for shipment

3) shipping the package with a mail carrier

First of all, let us show you how to find your orders on your Shopify dashboard.

You will have to open your orders and fulfil the line items if you choose to fulfil your orders manually.

It is possible to fulfil part of an order manually by fulfilling some line items. This is also called partial fulfilment. You can fulfil multiple orders at the same time to speed up the manual fulfilment process.

Step by Step:

1. On your Shopify dashboards go to 'Orders'.

2. Click the order number of any unfulfilled order.

3. Optional: If you are using multiple locations and want to change the fulfilment location, click the name of the location on the fulfilment card, and click Change fulfilment location. Click Save after you have selected the location that you wish to use.

4. In the case that you're using another carrier than Shopify Shipping, click 'Mark as fulfilled' and enter the tracking number from your shipping provider. The tracking URL is shown in the shipment confirmation email and the shipping update email.

5. If you want to send a notification email to the customer right away, then select 'Send shipment details to your customer now'

6. Click 'Fulfil items' to mark the order as 'Fulfilled'.

 Stay tuned ready for the next blog going over how to part fulfil orders manually. In the meantime head over to read more of our blogs.

We hope this helps and want to welcome any questions via our social media.

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