Creating Returns On Shopify!

Creating Returns On Shopify!

Creating returns on your Shopify dashboard in 2022.
Depending on your stores return policy, you might need to create returns for customers to return purchased items as well as refund customers payments. 
Speeding up this process may even work in your favour as it will show your commitment to customer service and may encourage customers to order again.

On your Shopify dashboard you can create and manage your returns, send shipping instructions and return labels to your customers, track returned items, restock inspected items and refund payments to your customers. 

 Creating a return for an order.

Step by step:

1. On your Shopify dashboard, go to 'Orders' 

2. Find and click the order that you want to refund. 

3. Click 'Return items' 

4. Enter the quantity of items in the order that are being returned. 

5. In the Return shipping options section, select one of the following options:

A) Select Create return label to create a return shipping label for your customer. 

B) Select Upload return label to upload an existing return shipping label for your customer. On the Add return label page, upload the PDF or JPEG file for your shipping label. You can enter the Tracking number and Shipping carrier if you have this information.

C) Select No return shipping to create a return without any return shipping information.

6. Click Create return.

Thank you for taking the time to read! Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on how to refund a customer. 

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