Creating Shopify Discounts!

Creating Shopify Discounts!

How to create Fix amount and percentage discounts on your Shopify store in 2022!
(Please note this is when using a Desktop)
Your store can offer customers fixed values, percentage discounts, or shipping discounts on products, collections, or variants. In order to encourage customers to purchase items online, you can offer discounts when customers buy X and get Y.

You can specify the following:

1. The dates for when the discount is valid for.

2. the number of times that a code can be used

3. Create a minimum order amount when the code can be used.

4. Which products, collections, or variants will be discounted

Let us show you where you can find the 'Discounts' section on your Shopify dashboard. 

There are a few things to consider when creating a discount code. Before you create a discount code, review the following considerations:

1. A discount code can apply to up to 100 specific products and variants.

2. Discount codes can't be used at the same time as automatic discounts.

3. There's a limit of 20,000,000 unique discount codes for each store.

4. Collections can't contain individual variants. If you add a product variant to a discounted collection, then the discount applies to every version of the product.

5. If you create a discount with a start and end time, then the time is based on the time zone that you selected in your Shopify settings. 

Creating a fixed value or percentage discount.

When you create a new discount on your online store, it will appear on the discount codes tab on your dashboard. To distribute this discount you can attach it to your email marketing, display it on your store or even share the code via social media. When your customers are using this code, it will need to be entered at the checkout for it to become active and work.

Step by step:

1. From your Shopify admin, go to 'Discounts'

2. Click 'Create discount', and then click 'Discount code'

3. In the 'Discount code' section, do either of the following:

A) Enter a name for the new discount code, for example, 'EASTER15'

B) Click 'Generate code'

4. In the Types section, do either of the following:

A) Select 'Percentage', and then enter a percent value in the Value section.

B) Select 'Fixed amount', and then enter a money value in the Value section.

5. If you want the discount to apply to specific collections or products, then in the Applies to section, do either of the following:

A) Select 'Specific collections', check the appropriate collections, and then click 'Add'.

B) Select 'Specific products', check the appropriate products and/or variants, and then click 'Add'.

6. Optional: To create a fixed value discount code that can be applied to specific products or collections, check Only apply discount once per order to limit the customer to using the code only once per order. Otherwise, the discount applies to all eligible products in the order.

7. Optional: To set a minimum purchase requirement for the discount, in the Minimum requirements section, do one of the following:

A) Select Minimum purchase amount to require that customers spend a minimum purchase amount to qualify for the discount. The minimum purchase amount is only affected if the discount is applied to a specific product or collection.

B) Select Minimum quantity of items to require that customers order a minimum number of products to qualify for the discount. If the discount applies to a specific product or collection, then only these items contribute to the minimum quantity amount.

8. In the Customer eligibility section, select whether this discount applies to everyone, specific customer segments, or specific customers.

A) The customer list displays the email address that the customer used to register for your store. If no email address was provided, then the list displays the customer's phone number.

9. To limit discount usage, in the Usage limits section, do either of the following:

A) You can set the maximum number of times that a discount can be applied to a purchase by checking Limit number of times this discount can be applied in total. Setting a limit of 200, for example, allows your discount code to be used 200 times across your customer base. Customers can then apply the discount multiple times, if you choose this option. 

B) Check Limit to one per customer to limit the discount to one use per customer by tracking a customer's email address or phone number. This option is only available for fixed value discounts.

10. In the Active dates section, set the start date for the discount, and then do any of the following:

A) If you want to set an end date for the discount, then click Set end date and set the date when the discount ends.

B) If you want the discount to be valid for only one day, then select the same calendar day for both the start date and the end date.

C) If you don't want the discount code to expire, then don't set an end date for your discount.

11. Click Save discount code.

We hope this answered any questions in relation to creating fixed and percentage based discounts. Stay tuned on how to create 'Automatic Discounts' in our new upcoming blogs.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via social media and we will be happy to help :)

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