Adjusting Your Inventory Quantities!

Adjusting Your Inventory Quantities!

Adjusting your inventory quantities on your Shopify dashboard in 2022.
(Please note this is when using a Desktop)

You can change the available inventory quantity of products in the following ways:

1. On the Inventory page.

2. For products with variants, on the product details page.

3. Using the bulk editor.

4. You can also adjust inventory usin an inventory CSV file.

If you manage inventory across multiple locations, then you can change your inventory quantities by location. 

Step by step:

1. On your Shopify dashboard head over to 'Products' and then click 'Iventory' 

2. If you have multiple locations, then select a location from the drop-down menu. 

3. Optional step: You can filter or search the list of products.

4. Now you are able to adjust the available quantity of a single variant or multiple variants by the same amounts.

A) To adjust a single variant, enter the quantity in the 'Available' column of the variant that you want to adjust.

B) To adjust multiple variants by the same amounts, select the variants you want to edit and click 'More actions' and then click 'Update quantity' 

5. Don't forget to click 'Save'  

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